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Latest Updates / New Website System April 2006

Click here to see our new web forum and a new version of the website with content management system. Visit Rubber Dragon in Swindon for content management system websites.

November 2005 Trip to Torun November 2005

The first TASTE weekend trip was a great success, 42 people from Swindon travelled to Torun last November together with the Mayor of Swindon. We enjoyed a fantastic reception from Torun Council, a tour of the city centre and festival events. Read more:http://www.swindontorun.org.uk/triptotorun-11-2005.html

Swindon Band WMD Perform in Torun September 2005

WMD in Torun WMD, a rock covers band based in Swindon performed to a massive crowd on the banks of the River Wisla in the centre of Torun in September.
The concert also featured one of Polands top hip hop acts Sistars, it was a free event sponsored by British School and organised by Trias who are a leading provider of event management services and systems such as videowalls, led screens and projectors.

Swindon and Torun Twinning Enterprise July 2005

TASTE, the Swindon and Torun Twinning Enterprise, held it’s inaugural meeting following the performance by Kadzioleczka (see below), a constitution was approved and a committee was elected as follows: Chairman - Marek Sarnowski, Vice Chair - Stan Pajak, Secretary - Sylwia Sitek, Treasurer - Danuisa Lewinski, Public Relations - Chris Bulzacki, Social Secretary - Peter Cejer.

Swindon Band WMD to perform at Torun Music Concert September 2005

WMD have been invited to Torun to perform at a rock concert on the 9th September 2005 together with leading hip hop artists, Sistars. Further information is available from the sponsors at British School.

Kadzioleczka Dance Group perform in Swindon July 2005

Over 100 people attended a vibrant performance by Kadzioleczka, the Polish Dance Group from Torun. The group, made up of 8 pairs of dancers and 4 musicians received a fantastic ovation, the event was free, but �150 was raised at the door after the performance. Kadzioleczka were in the region as part of The Rendezvous Society's 20th anniversary of events in Cheltenham, and were invited to Swindon by the Swindon Torun Group for an additional performance.

Polish Dance Group

Polish Street Names confirmed in the Northern Development Sector Summer 2005

In celebration of the connection between Swindon and Torun, Polish street names have been selected for a new development in the Northern Sector. The streets are located off Junction 7 of Thamesdown Drive and include: Torun Way, Kopernik Road, Polonez Court, Zakopane Road, Jagoda Court, Dolina Road, White Eagle Road, Rysy Court, Chopin Mews and Oberek Lane.

Swindon Junior Ice Hockey Club in Torun March 2005

The biggest yet visit by Swindon people to our Polish twin city of Torun in Poland took place last week with the Swindon Junior Ice Hockey Team taking part in an ice hockey tournament in the Polish city.
Click to read more.

Torun Trainee's Visit Swindon 12.2004

A group of trainees from Poland visited Swindon to work for a number of local companies, in a project initiated by Torun's electricity company, funded in the main by the European Union, and supported by Swindon Council.
Click here for more details.

Town Twinning Meeting 25.11.2004

At a meeting of Swindon's Town Twinning Network, a number of other cooperation initiatives were mentioned, including a speedway match, the possibility that a Swindon road may get a name associated with Torun, an idea for a family exchange and how Toru� photographer Marek Czarnecki, has been taking photos of Swindon.
Click here for more details

Late Report on the Canoe Trip July 2004

A group of young people from Swindon travelled for an international canoeing event during the summer thanks to an invitation from the President of Torun, and support from Swindon Councils European Officer, Daryl Jones.
Click here for more details

Town Twinning Conference October 2004

Delegations from Swindon, Toru�, Imatra (Finland), Salzgitter (Germany), Ocotal (Nicaragua) and other towns met in Swindon to strengthen ties and plan for the future. Click here for more details.

Learning English

Interested in learning English?

Swindon Torun Ice Hockey Match 15.07.2004

Ice HockeyDuring a visit to the UK for a tournament in Oxford, the Torun Junior Ice Hockey Team visited Swindon, and played a friendly game with Swindon Lynx at the Link Centre.
Click here for more details.

Polish Foundation meet with Swindon Mayor 04.03.2004

A new sports initiative was agreed, during the visit of a delegation from the Polish British Foundation in Torun, who met with Mayor Derek Benfield, sports officials and Artscape in Swindon today.
Click here for more details.

Swindon Torun Group Meeting 18.02.2004

Seven members of the group met at Dom Parafialny to discuss a short break to Torun, arrangements for a visit from the Polish British Foundation, and other issues. Click here for more details.

Following an article about www.toruntrips.co.uk 17.02.2004

in Nowosci, Torun's most popular daily newspaper, interest in the trips promoted by Rubber Dragon to Torun has increased. Click here for more details.

Town Twinning Meeting 08.12.2003

A town twinning meeting was held on the 8th December 2003, Stan Pajak reported Torun initiatives including the International Citizenship Conference which took place. Click here for more details.

Swindon Resident attends summer course at Torun University 06.10.2003

Richard Gagola from Swindon visited Torun, in July 2003 to attend a course in Polish language and culture at Nicholas Copernicus University. The course was awarded to a Swindon resident thanks to support from Torun Council and the Friendship & Cooperation Agreement.

Click here to read about Richard's experiences.

Conference 21.09.2003

Global Footsteps Conference to take place in Torun 29 August to 7th September. Young people from Swindon are invited to attend.

Torun Students to Visit Swindon 9th to 11th July.

Tales of Torun & No More Horses, click here to read more about this evening of entertainment taking place on Friday 11th July, 7.30 pm at New College, Queens Drive, Swindon.

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A Friendship and Cooperation Agreement was signed between Swindon and Torun, 13th May 2003

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A Friendship and Cooperation Agreement was signed between Swindon and Torun, 13th May 2003
The Agreement offers new opportunities for cooperation between individuals and organisations of both towns.

This website aims to:
  • facilitate communication between organisations and individuals in Swindon and Torun,

  • publish news about related events and cooperation,

  • provide contact information for those wishing to establish links,

  • provide weblinks to information about both places