The project aims to generate measureable social benefits for both Swindon and Torun through establishing a geniune business relationship between a firm in Swindon and a firm in Torun.

We are seeking businesses from Swindon / Torun who maybe interested in cooperating with a business in Torun / Swindon, you may wish to establish a new market, setup a manufacturing operation, you maybe seeking particular staff or research and development skills.

First Stage – Business Mission to Torun

We are seeking applications from businesses in Swindon and the region who would like to attend a business mission to Torun in the second half of 2011 or early 2012 for informal discussions with Torun businesses.

Identification of businesses in Swindon and the region who may benefit from a partnership. Preparation of a business mission to Torun in Poland for meetings with related businesses.


Why Work with Torun?

Torun is a beautiful historic city in central Poland similar in size to Swindon. Since 2003 we have established a range of partnerships with institutions and organisations in Torun and organised a number of social and sports exchanges. The city has a large university, educational profile and over 30,000 students.

Torun Business Sectors – Highlights

Education. Tooling. Plastics. Water and sewage treatment. Renewables. Restoration of old buildings. Tourism.

Torun University – Expertise Highlights

Experience and skills base in tooling, plastics, containers, water & sewage treatment and renewables, as well as education, research & development and restoration of old buildings.

Chemistry Department, offers a selection of scientific research skills (see details) in particular expertise in environmental protection (disposal of brownfield sewage, separation of heavy metals, extraction of useful elements, methods of application of nanometallic layers to substrates, polymer technology including polymer recycling and biofuels).

Biology and Earth Sciences Department, has been working with the cyclase kinase enzyme and it’s use in treating heart attacks and brain tumors; microbiological analysis.

The University is also known for it’s expertise with conservation of stone, paper, works of art and archeological finds (including underwater).

Department of Physics and Applied Computing has expertise in industrial automation (control devices), robotics, measuring tools (heat and fluid flow measurement).

Department of Mathematics and IT, has experience with new programming languages and e-business.

Department of Geography, has experience with GIS systems.


Why Work with Swindon?

Similar in size to Torun, with a population of around 250,000, Swindon has a thriving economy and is major regional centre with well developed infrastructure and located between Bristol and London in southern England. An excellent summary of business benefits is available at Forward Swindon.

Swindon Business Sectors – Highlights

Major secotrs include automotive, science & technology, finance and business services, renewables and biomedical. Five national research councils are based in Swindon as well as the National Trust and English Heritage. SME’s and start-ups employ around 60% of the workforce.

Enterprise Europe (who are involved in seeking partners for this project) focus on five key sectors, biomedical including food processing, advanced engineering including aerospace, composites and automotive, microelectronics, creative and ICT, and finally renewable technologies.



The project has already secured the support of stakeholders in both Swindon and Torun for partial funding of a business mission to cover the cost of meetings and accommodation.

We will also be seeking potential funding from European Union grants, such as Framework 7 which has funding for major research and development projects involving multiple countries and organisations and Eurostars for joint European R & D projects.


Statement of Intent

We the undersigned propose to support the Taste Business Cooperation Project 2011, which aims to foster and launch a viable business project with social benefits with the active cooperation between two businesses, one in Torun and one in Swindon.

We understand the project will benefit both locations and businesses by taking advantage of differences in skills, costs, market, language etc.

We acknowledge that fostering cooperation and exchange between Swindon and Torun can generate both social and business benefits for both locations.



TASTE, Torun and Swindon Twinning Enterprise

Torun Twin Cities Association

Swindon Borough Council

Urzad Miasta Torunia – City Office of Torun

Forward Swindon

Enterprise Europe South West

IPH – Izba Przemyslowo-Handlowa w Toruniu – Torun Chamber of Commerce

TARR Torunska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego – Torun Agency for Regional Development

Torun University UMK Business Incubator


Diary of Events

A series of meetings have been held to discuss the development of the project.

19.07.2011, meeting at GWE Business West with all Swindon partners, GWE Business West, Forward Swindon, Enterprise Europe South West and Stan Pajak. Have confirmed dates and established a core focus for the event.

16.06.2011, meeting with IPH in Torun.

02.06.2011, meeting with Lydia of Enterprise Europe and TARR in Torun. Have set a date of April 2012 for the trip.

05.05.2011, meeting with Ian Larrard GWE Business West.

05.05.2011, meeting with Bill Cotton of Forward Swindon.

19.04.2011, meeting with Enterprise Europe South West in Swindon.

01.04.2011, TASTE meeting in Torun at Torun City Council with Torun Council, TARR, IPH and Enterprise Europe in Torun.

16.03.2011, TASTE meeting in Torun with Torun University UMK Business Incubator.


Expressions of Interest Sign Up

If you should like to benefit from exploring business cooperation with the support of the stakeholders, please contact us via the webform below. Responses will not be published unless requested.

Biomedical including food processing

Advanced Engineering including aerospace, composites and automotive


Creative and ICT



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